The Park's conference room, kitchen and patio area are available to rent for a nominal fee.  We've hosted special events, including weddings, birthday parties, and family reunions.  It's a great space, no matter the size of your group.  If you would like to rent our facilities, please give us a call.

If you use the Park's conference room or kitchen, please do the following before you leave the building:

In the Kitchen

If you haved used the kitchen, please

  • Sweep and wash the floor.
  • Wash down the counters. 
  • Clean any pieces of equipment used. 
  • Remove any unused food from the refrigerators. 
  • Take out trash (you may dispose same in big cans under the stairs)

In the Meeting Rooms

If you have used a meeting room, please

  • Sweep and wash the floor, if necessary. 
  • Wash table tops. 
  • Return tables and chairs to their original positions.

Outside the Building

  • Clean off table tops and wash, if necessary.
  • Place soda cans in the marked receptacle.
  • Place garbage in the appropriate receptacle.

Sports Equipment

Return any borrowed balls, racquets, etc., to the caretaker.